Welcome To Concrete Injection

We are a four piece Hard Rock band out of St. Paul/Minneapolis area. Our goal in Concrete Injection is to blend the sounds of our collective influences (rock, pop, grunge, acoustic, hip hop and metal) into our own unique formula with a familiar intonation that inspires force, passion and emotion from each and every listener.

We self released our 8 song release EP Die Anyways in Jan of 2015, you can find it on Itunes and other carriers. Our music is influenced through so many different genres and artists that people will often compare us from Metallica to Pearl Jam.

We are working on a new 8 song EP and it is all finished recording. We have 2 finished and available for Download on http://www.facebook.com/concreteinjection Back To Pain and Beneath The Stone. So definitely go check that out!

We just created 2 new Videos on our Youtube channel Back To Pain and Beneath The Stone. Go subscribe and like the videos. http://www.youtube.com/concreteinjection

We have no shows coming up do to the long hours in the recording studio. However, this spring we will be playing out locally here in Minneapolis/St. Paul MN. If you are in the area please come out to see us.

We also have T-Shirts for sale Mens and Womens. We are basically selling them at cost, because we want you the fans to have them! https://t.co/RjcDFZUwkG  , http://www.ebay.com/itm/Official-Concrete-Injection-Band-100-Cotton-Skull-Graphic-T-shirt-Size-XL-/111870429911?hash=item1a0bff4ad7:g:~vEAAOSwrklVf1W~          These are really cool, and really flying off the shelves because of their price.







Thank you,

Concrete Injection \m/